The Flagship Post

Posted by Jessica

The truth of the matter is that today is a good day.  It’s a good day because it’s 4:30 p.m. and I’m not at home on the couch.  And I have a job, sort of.

Having found semi-employment for the next week and a half filling in for my temple’s secretary (who slipped and broke something and needed surgery and now is out until who knows when), I find comfort behind a desk directing bar mitzvah students to their respective tutors, answering “Shalom!  How may I help you?” every time the phone rings, and schmoozing with visitors and temple staff alike about the apparently controversial new chairs in the waiting area of the temple office (consensus: too fancy, not squishy enough.)  How have I found myself in this bizarre situation?  And why, in spite of everything is today a good day?

It is a good day because I am a Boomeranger – a member of a generation of young people that, having gone off to college chasing and ultimately attaining independence, have returned home disillusioned by the seeming impossibility of finding that perfect post-college job (or, let’s be honest here, any job at all), and to avoid big city rent costs and half of the world that has scorned me and my prior self sufficiency.

But I’m not here to complain.  At least not for now.

I am here to tell you that even though life is certainly not ideal, I have taken enough Metro-North trips to and from the city to know that I am not alone.  We’re all in the same boat, it seems, as I continue to find at least one new member of my high school graduating class each time I hunt for a seat on the train.  Each person I talk to is a variation on the overarching theme.  I’ve found an internship, but it ends in December.  I’m working on an amazing play, but it starts on Thursday and they won’t need me after that.  I’m applying to grad school, but in the meantime I’m working the pre-holiday shift at Old Navy.

I have come to learn that the word “boomeranger” does not necessarily need to have a negative connotation.  Therefore, I declare that we, the united boomerangers of the world, are taking the word back.  Our attitude is not embodied by the 2006 movie “classic” Failure to Launch, as Wikipedia would have you think.  We are on our way, wherever we are now.

Hi, we’re The Boomerang Blog

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