Monday Jams: “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams Now, Buddy!”

Posted by Jessica

It’s the second official Monday on The Boomerang Blog, which means it’s time for the second installment of the already eternally popular Monday Jams!

You know when you’re at a concert, and you’re standing there, and you’re grooving, and then all of a sudden you realize you’re the happiest you’ve ever been?  Not to get super emo on you, but I know this happens to people, and it has certainly happened to me.  For this week’s inspirational tune, I’d like to return to one of those moments.

I was standing in McCaren Park pool.  It was like, 100 degrees outside.  And I was at my first ever I’m From Barcelona concert.  For those of you who don’t know, there are about 29 members in this Swedish twee band (hey, Peter Bjorn and John is from Sweden too… are Swedish people just naturally inspirational?  Research time.)  When they play it is literally an explosion of joy and cuteness — they throw confetti out in big bursts, strap balloons and flowers to their mic stands, and blow bubbles, all the while busting out 29-part harmonies and jumping up and down.

Try and picture this scene and imagine the warm sun beating down on you as you listen to their song “The Painter,” a song about about a rebel street artist who refuses to give up on his dreams.  I hope it helps.

If you have a song you’d like to see on Monday Jams, please tells us in the comments area!


One response to “Monday Jams: “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams Now, Buddy!”

  1. They rock. Especially at McCarren. Also, to complete the trifecta, Jens Lekman is swedish as well.

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