I Can’t Believe I Still Have… That Coors Lite in My Pajama Drawer

Posted by Jessica

I am willing to admit that I’m kind of a pack rat.  It’s not entirely my fault, since it seems to run in my family.

Living at home has definitely solidified my understanding of this reality.  The more I clean out my room to make it more inhabitable, the more I drive the family car, the more I go up into the attic to get those seasonal clothes out of storage, the more I find myself coming across random crap that should have been discarded a long, long time ago.

Therefore, let me introduce the “I Can’t Believe I Still Have…” column.  It’s going to be embarrassing, and it’s going to be rad.  Hopefully it’s going to get me to start throwing shit out.

So, without further ado, here comes one last moment in the sun for that unopened can of Coors Lite in my PJ drawer before it goes into the recycling.

I was cleaning out my pajama drawer the other day (I told you I never throw things away?  Well I still have PJ pants with Mr. Peanut on them from when I was in middle school, okay?  That’s why I needed this clean… Now I’m realizing that those pants probably need a post of their own.  I’m getting sidetracked)  when I came across this particular piece of ephemera from my past: the beer can that I figure has probably been hiding since my sophomore year of college.

As I recall, I inherited most of a case of beer after a party, hid it in my room, and gradually worked my way through it when my parents weren’t home, or I’d share it with friends.  Well I guess I was pretty good at hiding because this guy didn’t resurface until now.  No one will ever drink it, but at least it can be immortalized here, on this sweet blog.  It’s almost poetic.

Not really.


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