Boomerangs in Pop Culture: ‘Rangin’ All Over The World

Posted by Jessica

A day late, but what can you do?

The more I prepare to write this column, the more I realize that boomerangs provide endlessly useful metaphors and imagery.  Take this week’s example, courtesy of Senegalese hip hop group, Daara J.

Daara J (pronounced “Dah-rah Gee”) means “school of life” in Wolof.  The name unites rappers N’Dongo D, Aladji Man, and Faada Freddy, with magical results.  Although the group was formed in the late 90’s, they exploded globally and earned particular critical acclaim upon release of their 2003 album Boomerang.

Boomerang is a fantastic display of songwriting and collaboration, containing cameos by world music superstars such as Malian gem Rokia Traoré and Carribean music giant Sergent Garcia.  As for the name of the album, the band explains:

We need a new term for a new kind of hip hop that is not about bitches, bragging and bling, and Boomerang will do nicely. The word conveys perfectly the sense of a music that thrives on two-way influences flying back and forth.

The title “Boomerang” also describes the nature of hip hop.  In an NPR interview, Faada Freddy explained:

Hip-hop was born in Africa [and] went around the world to come back to Africa, like a boomerang that has been thrown from the motherland and is back home.

All I can say is that my new-found obsession with boomerangs only enhances my enjoyment of this already amazing album.

Are you convinced yet?  Listen to the title track (and other samples) here.


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