Double Header: Movie Night and Boomerangs In Pop Culture

Posted by Stephanie.

So just to recap: Eddie Murphy’s character is a man so successful with the ladies that he sends roses to seven of them.  Then he watches a not suitable for work make-up ad and meets up with his BFFs Martin Lawrence and David Alan Grier to discuss women.  Of course he leaves them to use a lame pick-up move on a woman with a dog.  Woofs are heard in the background (a very very subtle allusion to the fact that his character is a “dog,”  just in case we didn’t get it already.)

The big question in all of this is: what is Eddie Murphy’s undeniable sexual appeal?  It must be the soul patch…or the fact that he was in Coming to America.  Should you feel brave enough to continue, here is Part 2.

Previously in this series: Introducing: Movie Night


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