We’re Famous

Guess which blog is the tenth suggestion when you google “william h macy boomerangs”???

First page, bitches!

Now that we’ve reached this major milestone, we’d like some feedback.  What would you like to see more or less of?  Do you have story ideas?  Do you like us?  Please let us know.


EDITOR’S UPDATE: Thank you to everyone contributing to this discussion (and a preemptive thank you to those who will in the future!)  We’ll definitely be incorporating some of these ideas to the blog.


5 responses to “We’re Famous

  1. What’s new in music, art, ideas?

  2. How about past trends that are boomeranging back into current popularity?

  3. I love de blog. Maybe profiling very odd job possibilities? When I was unemployed in SF I applied for a job making candy at our apartment–for a company that promoted “homemade candy…” and they sent you their molds and recipes…

    The stories now on the blog are my favorite part.


  4. I really like your writing style! I especially liked the post about your beer can discovery.

  5. I thought the post about physics was the best. It was cool how you related it to your overall blog theme.

    I realize this blog covers all sorts of interests, but as a science guy, I like those topics the best.

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