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Posted by Jessica

What’s this?  A new financial trend piece on the Huffington Post?  Let’s see… lots of nest metaphors, talk of emotional and financial strains, muscle flexing, old people… uh oh.

You guys.  Your parents and grandparents are totally starting to bogart the term Boomerang.  According to full time Visa director and part time HuffPo blogger Jason Alderman, a reverse boomerang is fully happening.  Parents who have lost their jobs, or are facing financial or physical maladies are moving in with their children, and we’re supposed to refer to them as “Boomerang Parents” now (thanks, social scientists!)

Now, I could argue that this is not a new phenomenon  at all, and that families have already done this for decades.  In all fairness, the article does mainly refer to those adults who have had to move back in with their offspring specifically because of the sucky economy.

But I don’t know, you guys.  I sort of feel like this might be the decline of the term Boomerang.  Not that it was so hip to begin with, but still.  I mean, just look at how the article starts:

Boomerang kids. You’ve probably read articles about them or may even have one yourself. That’s where parents reopen their formerly empty nests to adult children who are trying to pay off student loans or bills, save for a down payment or regroup after losing their job.

If I know anything about media skewed towards an older generation (and I like to think I do), I know that the favorite thing for authors to do when they’re talking to adult folk is to “aka” things.  This description is almost like when the New York Times writes reviews of rap albums.  It’s like, “Hey, you guys! Did you know that Lil Wayne’s real name is Dwayne Carter Jr.?  Isn’t that so kooky and eccentric?  More like Lil Dwayne, am I right?  Journalism!”  The fact that we’re now going to have to aka this “hot,” new boomerangy trend all over the place kind of brings it down a little.

Yes, maybe I’m being a little ridiculous about this, and no, the words “boomerang kids” are not so self-explanatory (in fact I think that’s a TV network), but still.  Part of its cool is that not everyone knows what it means.  All I’m saying is that once it starts getting applied to older folks, it might start to be less Justin Timberlake and more Phil Collins.  I can feel it coming (in the air tonight.)


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