Monday Jams: “Dance Up On Them Haters”

Posted by Jessica

If you aren’t listening to Janelle Monáe yet, then this is your lucky day.  The first time I saw this girl she was booked as an opener, but by the end of her set she had completely stolen the show.  It was obvious that this little girl was truly tremendous.

Monáe grew up in Kansas, but her music persona is literally from outer space.  Her first release, Metropolis: The Chase Suite is a conceptual narrative about a robot/alien who tragically falls in love with a human.

It’s been two years, and now Janelle is back with more cosmically catchy tunes.  Her new single, Tightrope features one of her mentors, Outkast’s Big Boi, as well as some “classy brass,” a few clever rhymes (NASDAQ – ass crack), a catchy beat, and some fun, motivational lyrics.  I know you’re gonna love it.

Listen on the official Janelle Monáe website.


2 responses to “Monday Jams: “Dance Up On Them Haters”

  1. love the new song–and I just taught my students the word “equivocate,” so I’ll have to play this for them!

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