Boomerangs in Pop Culture: How Did We Forget Lew Zealand??

Posted by Jessica

So at trivia night last night (Stephanie and I, along with some fellow boomerangers, are regulars), the bartender comes up to our team, points at an elderly couple sitting at the bar, and says, “Given your age, I think you might want to combine teams with those people for this next round.”

Then he hands us a packet full of muppet characters to identify.

The joke was on him: not only did I grow up on muppets, but I think I am one of the few people who can truthfully claim to have been in a live action, Avenue Q-style stage reenactment of “The Muppet Movie.”  Another muppet-fan team member and I pretty much nailed the whole round.

There was one little guy who stumped us though.  Quick, can you name this muppet?

Time’s up.

I now know his name is Lew Zealand.  Why is he important?  Because Lew here is known pretty much for one thing, and one thing only: Boomerang Fish.

It’s a simple yet beautiful act in which he throws a fish, and it comes right back at him, usually at inopportune moments.  Check out his stylings in this vintage clip:


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