Living at Home: So Hot Right Now

Posted by Jessica

Has anyone else noticed that “Boomerang” has become a total buzzword?  In the past week alone I’ve seen articles about Boomeranging in The Times, Double X (two, actually), and The Daily Beast.  Although the latter still thinks we’re “slackers,” the tone of most of the articles has been considerably forgiving, which is sort of cool to see.

And while I think my prediction about boomeranging becoming a hot media piece until it eventually flames out and becomes uncool is definitely still on track, I do think the label “boomerang” isn’t in as much L-7 jeopardy.  That’s because no one still seems to know what to call us.

Between the four articles I just linked, we’ve seen

1.  Boomerang Kids
2. Gen Y
3. Obama’s Slackers
4.  Go-go Generation
5. “Failure to Launch” generation

We also know that the Pew Center is calling us “Millennial”.  I have to say, I took their “How Millennial Are You” quiz the other day and only got a 49%, which is weird because that would mean I’m more like a Gen Xer (people born between ’65 and ’80) than I am Millennial.

Actually, I just took it again for kicks and got a 62%.  I think what changed is that I didn’t have time to read the paper yesterday and I sent a lot of text messages.

So, who knows?


One response to “Living at Home: So Hot Right Now

  1. I am 76% Millenial

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