Project Runway Tells Us to Blame Our Unemployment on Beyoncé

Posted by Jessica

I don’t know if all of you saw Project Runway last night, but it was pretty upsetting.  I’m not going to spoil anything (although the links I’m about to post will — proceed with caution), but sometimes the judges just get it wrong.

The charm and comic relief in the episode was, as usual, provided by contestant Anthony Williams.  His shining moment of TV quote glory came about half way through the show, as he was realizing that his jacket design was going awry.  His deflection?  Blame it on Beyoncé.  He says:

You know, I blame Beyoncé for everything that goes wrong in my life.  It’s something about her songs that will make you think, first of all, that you are a size 4, that you can conquer the world, and then, I don’t know, you are all powerful.  Do you think Beyoncé has a song for people who can’t find a job, or the interview that you didn’t do so well in?  Does she sing any songs about that?

(Watch clip #4 to hear it in his mesmerizing Southern drawl.)

That’s right, you guys.  Beyoncé is giving you false expectations.

Anthony defended his statement in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, explaining:

The thing I think I was talking about was, Beyoncé’s music is so empowering that you end up listening to it and believing your ass can take over the world. And that’s how I ended up on Project Runway, thinkin’ I could just take over the world… That is her fault because she made me believe that I could do it. Her, Barack, and Oprah. All of them.

So I guess the moral of the story is, the next time you’re sitting around your house listening to Irreplaceable, just do yourself a favor and be sure to balance it out with some Dashboard Confessional or something.  Maybe it’ll teach you not to dream so big.


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