Monday Jams: “Go Home and Tell Your Parents Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

Posted by Jessica

How do I love thee, Art Brut?  Let me count the ways.

Besides the fact that (1) Your concerts are amazing, (2) Your albums make me smile, and (3) You’re able to put emotions in a song like no one else knows how to.

I’ve learned to do what lead singer Eddie Argos tells me to do.  If he were reading this now, he’d be disappointed to know that no, I didn’t contact all the rest of the concert-goers that came to see him at Maxwell’s in Hoboken a few months ago to meet up at an art gallery, and to run at a piece of priceless art, jump up and down, and scream the lyrics to Modern Art at the top of my lungs, like he wanted me to.

But, you know, I did sort of form a band, like he told me (he told us all to after a New York City show a few years ago, and said that if we hadn’t formed a band by the time he came back, we were in trouble.)  And I don’t think I’d buy a video game at a record shop, since he’s condemned it (not that I play video games anyway.)

So when he tells me everything’s gonna be alright, as he does in the song Maternity Ward, I guess I have no choice but to pay attention.

It’s  true: right now I’m tired, and I’m emotional, but I guess everything will be okay in the end.  He promised, so it’s probably going to happen.

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