In the Meantime… I Have Awkward Hometown Encounters

Posted by Jessica

Well, it’s finally happened, you guys.  I got a facebook invitation to my five-year high school reunion.  My heart pretty much stopped when I saw it, then I checked the date.  Looks like I will legitimately be out of the country that week to avoid my high school reunion attend a family wedding.

But honestly, it’s not like I’ve been completely out of touch.  Since I live at home, I’ve had to band together with the few friends I have here.  Also I’ve learned how to avoid eye contact with people I clearly recognize, but have no interest in acknowledging since I never really liked them anyway.  In that way, it’s kind of like being in high school again.

But these encounters seem to happen a lot.  Sometimes they are welcome, like how, on a train into the city a few months ago, I reconnected with a really close friend from middle school that I hadn’t seen in about 6 years.  Sometimes they suck, like last week when I was already having a shitty day, and then had to walk past my arch nemesis from elementary school on my way to the station.

To minimize the awkwardness of these situations, my friends and I seem to have found solace in being able to vent to each other about our sightings.  I mean, who else would understand a statement like, “Can you believe I saw ____ in the village today?  Omg, he got super hipster,” but a high school friend.

I think the best example possible could be this email chain I had with 3 other friends recently when, while studying at our town library, one of them spotted a fellow alum boning up for some sort of grad school entrance exam.  This friend’s studying quickly turned to “studying” as she sent out periodic spy updates.

Here is our brief email chain, for you enjoyment, with all sensitive information blacked out Soviet-style. Click on it if you wanna zoom in.


2 responses to “In the Meantime… I Have Awkward Hometown Encounters

  1. Best post yet! A universal situation broken done to its bare elements.

  2. dude. i totally want to know who your archnemesis is now!

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