Monday Jams: “Love is the Strong(er)est Adhesive”

Posted by Jessica

So I’ve managed to let a week go by without posting anything.  Not so good.

It’s been a big week.  Among other things, I attended a job hunt seminar at my alma matter which was very lovely and informative (and I got a sweet tote bag.)  I’d love to share some of the things I learned there but now is music time.

Since I’ve apparently been busy having a life this week (not really) I completely missed that – bear with me – this week’s American Idol theme is Inspirational Music.  Obviously those big LA producers have been reading The Boomerang Blog and were like, “why don’t we have these kids do what that blog is doing on Mondays, but, you know… like, worse.”

While tomorrow night is bound to be a big eye rolling sesh, I’m counting on Alicia Keys to keep things good.  Also Crystal Bowersox.

It will probably go something like this.

I wish I could pick a Monday Jam this week that was an embodiment of all the songs on the Idol list this week, but I am just baffled.

Also I have let this post get way too personal.  In case you haven’t noticed, In the Meantime… I watch American Idol.  Meta joke!

Anyway, in the spirit of the challenge, and because I can’t decide which one I like more, I’m just gonna give you two songs.

Some certified bubble gum pop for American Idol purposes, and, because I swore Monday Jams would only be good songs, the most inspirational tv-related song to be left off the Idol list this week.  Enjoy them both!


3 responses to “Monday Jams: “Love is the Strong(er)est Adhesive”

  1. you’re the best:)

  2. I think I found my new favorite music/personal/comedy blog of the month.

    Expect reference soon.

  3. Thank you, Sophie!

    Thank you, TheGoodBadger! I’m glad to have a new fan.

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