Monday Jams (Belated Edition): “Dry Your Eyes, Little Girl”

Posted by Jessica

Okay, okay, it’s a day late, but I know you need some jams up in this biz.

The life of a boomeranger can be weird sometimes.  One minute you’re sitting at home watching Top Model marathons on YouTube (they’re all there, you guys), and the next minute you’re standing in the steamy streets of Hoboken, New Jersey at a free Fountains of Wayne concert, sandwiched in between dudes who look like The Situation, 14 year olds with lip rings, and toddlers who air drum.  It’s my version of a jet set.

Anyway, to kick off what will hopefully be a great summer of outdoor concerts and hipster babies, and to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite band from Jerz who writes songs about MILFs, here’s FoW’s cover of Today’s Teardrops. The song was written by Gene Pitney in the ’60s and it appears on Foutains of Wayne’s two-disc set of rarities, Out-of-State Plates. Enjoy.

Listen on Grooveshark.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I have been informed by my New Jersey following (my boyfriend) that by spelling it “Jers” and not “Jerz” I have offended the entire Garden State.  My apologies.


2 responses to “Monday Jams (Belated Edition): “Dry Your Eyes, Little Girl”

  1. weezer blue album much?

  2. Yeah now that you mention it…

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