Monday Jams: “It Don’t Matter (Let it Go)”

Posted by Jessica

Robert Randolph & The Family Band is possibly the best band featuring a young pedal steel wiz you will ever hear.  I remember seeing them on TV for the first time, and, once I got over the fact that the lead instrument was this random thing I had never seen before that sounded like a continuous Stevie Ray Vaughan solo, it wasn’t hard to get lost in the groove.

The track I’m gonna play, Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That, is a perfect example of that energy this band is so well known for.  Plus, its the epitome of a Monday Jam – it will encourage you to leave you’re troubles behind and just freakin’ dance.

If you’re not satisfied (or you’re in the market for some more cool music today) please go check out my new article up on Mashable, 7 Unique Sites for Discovering New Music </plug>.

In the meantime, listen to this!:


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