This Week in Intern News

Posted by Jessica

The “(Potential) Intern from Hell” strikes again!: Gawker followers will scoff at how much he doesn’t get the joke.  And talk about unprofessional… he was so mad he didn’t have time to spell check.  That being said, part of me really feels for him somehow.

Which “Special Relationship” are we talking about?: HBO has apparently cut the scene in which Bill Clinton divulges his affair with world’s most notorious White House intern, Monica Lewinksy, to his wife, Hillary, from its movie, “The Special Relationship.”  Surprisingly, and contrary to the title, the movie is about Clinton’s friendship with Tony Blair.

Sweet on a resume: The Onion captures the drive of a NASA intern, who has spent all spring semester putting the colder sodas in the front of the fridge just so he might get a shot at a space run.  We interns just want our work to pay off, okay?

I hear she’s really bad about taking phone calls: Lady Gaga has applied for an internship with couture hat designer Philip Treacy, the madman behind the various hair bows and lobster chapeaus that have earned Gags her press buzz.


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