Monday Jams: A Needed Elixir!

Hi Gang!

Ok, so I know I haven’t really been posting lately.  It’s just hard to be motivated sometimes.  I didn’t really think it made a difference either way, but last week I was surprised to receive actual complaints from wtf-ing readers!

I just wanted to say, I am extremely touched and flattered that there are a few of you who follow and enjoy the things posted here.  I’ll try to do a better job of holding up my end of things going forward.

If you ever miss me, please browse our back catalogue — it’s hard to believe I’ve been boomerang blogging for almost a year!  Also, you can check out my posts on Killing the BuddhaMy newest involves music, nothingness, and the face of God.

And now: a cry for help!  I always imagined this blog being interactive, and I’m now excepting callers (Cake ref)!

The Monday Jams feature is getting a little stale, as is my music library.  Can anyone suggest some good Monday Jam-worthy tunes?  (Or any music, really, because I’m jonesing for some new stuff!)  Remember, Monday Jams are supposed to be inspirational, but try to hold the cheese.

For now, enjoy the magically twee stylings of Harry And The Potters.  I wish I had some Felix Felicis right now!




One response to “Monday Jams: A Needed Elixir!

  1. Would “Home” by Edward Sharpe, etc, fit the “Monday Jams” category? I lurve reading the boomerang blog, and ktb!

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