Monday Jams: “Put Your Face Together”

Sorry guys.  I’ve been busy binging on dairy-free pumpkin pie and Sufjan Stevens.

Hello, gorgeous

I am a person that goes through stretches where I have a lot of time on my hands, plus I spend a lot of time on trains, so I am unashamed by the fact that I am about to recommend a song to you that will take away 25 minutes of your life.  Trust me, it’s going to be worth it.

As I started to tell you in the beginning of this post, I am obsessed with the new Sufjan album, The Age of Adz.  I was lucky enough to go see Sufjan and his merry band of “hippies from 1969 in the future” two weeks ago, and to make a long story short, the show was so powerful that I was in a haze for approximately 4 days.

Hello, gorgeous

Had I not been forced to listen to the whole thing through live, the last Adz track, entitled “Impossible Soul” might have fallen by the wayside, since songs that long (again, we’re talking 25 minutes) usually intimidate me.  But its performance at the concert was an explosion of colors and sounds and beach balls and dance moves and auto tunes and balloons falling from the ceiling and moving and grooving and laughing… so yeah, it was good.

And although the song is uber manic, it is really a lot of fun.  Encouragement to not be distracted or afraid, and to get your act together will ensue.  Don’t fight it, it’s gonna be great.

Here’s a just-okay video so you know what territory you’re getting into, and then listen to the real deal.

Video preview from the concert: (just watch the first 4 minutes or so)

Full track: (listen to the whole thing!)


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