HIMYM Gets Creepy With Boomawangs (Please Don’t Make This a Thing)

I don’t know what it is about How I Met Your Mother and Thanksgiving, but as annoying as that show can sometimes be, it always nails this holiday’s episode.

Last week’s show, entitled “Blitzgiving,” might not be an instant classic in the same way “Slap Bet” was, but I think it was still one of the shining episodes we’ve seen so far this season.  Not to mention it had a boomerangy moment!

About six minutes into the episode, Robin dares Marshall to take a picture of his junk and text it to a random stranger.  He does it, and to his surprise, he gets an equally risqué shot back.  And then this bit of dialogue:

Robin: You sent a wang out and got a wang back.

Lily: It’s a boomawang!

And thus the “boomawang” was invented.

I’m usually pro-boomerang stuff, but between us, can we just make a pact that this isn’t going to become a thing?  I know how carried away the internet can get with shit like this…

Watch the full episode here (The epic line starts around 12:40.)


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