How Many Jargony Words Does It Take to Get to the Center of an Economic Crisis?

There's Got to Be a Metaphor Here

A sort of reasonable article about 20-somethings is up on right now.

I pretty much read it the same way I watch horror films (between the fingers of a hand covering my face), but it does have a few good things in it to add to the table.

My only objections are these: First, the interviews for this book were completed before the recession hit.  And yet, it’s being marketed as the story of our times.  Alright, if you say so.

Second, there are so many metaphorical/possibly made up sciency terms for what is going on with us.  Are we “swimmers” or “treaders”?  Are we Gen Y or “Gen R” (R= Recession)?  Do you have “school of hard-knocks” parents or “helicopter parents”?  Honestly?  These ridiculous buzz words that really mean nothing are just detracting from what these people actually have to say.  Less is more, people.


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