1. A flat, curved, usually wooden missile configured so that when hurled it returns to the thrower.
2. A statement or course of action that backfires.

The Boomerang Blog is part entertainment and part confessional.  It’s a concept sparked in late 2009 between two unemployed, suburbanite friends over coffee.  Seeking solace in each other’s company (and, frankly, trying to feel better about their lives), one friend mentioned an article about a so-called “Boomerang Generation.”  These words, she explained, describe young folks that go away to college and achieve independence, only to move back home after graduation, effectively undoing their prior self-sufficiency.

Although the two friends recognized they were clearly a part of this demographic, they nevertheless felt it was unfair that they should be so closely associated with negative connotations implied by the “Boomerang” label.  They knew they wouldn’t get through this oftentimes challenging transitional period in their lives without a sense of humor and without reclaiming ownership of the term.  The Boomerang Blog was born.

Join us as we bitch, moan, dream, laugh — whatever we need to do to confront ourselves and the predicaments we find ourselves in.  You can play along at home, or become a member of our blogging staff.

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