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Monday Jams: I Can’t Believe It! It’s So Amazing!

For your weekly confidence-boosting tune, here’s and Nicki Minaj singing about how awesome they are for 4.5 minutes.  Their rhymes like “Haters, you can kill yourselves” and “You a Chihuahua, I’m a Rottweiler” (or “Rot-wallah” [sic]) would be perfect additions to your list of daily affirmations.

Monday Jams: Come Get Your Kool On

We’re back!  Roots, take us out!

Wu-Tang Interns Ain’t Nuthin ta F**k With

NME reports an amazing internship opportunity open via twitter.  Turns out Ghostface Killah needs an intern.

Could be fun… we already know The RZA is the Leslie Nope of the rap genre, which could make Ghostface Ron Swanson (fact check.)

Make the applications rain!

Monday Jams: The Much Welcome Return of Lupe Fiasco

Breathe it in, lads!  First day of spring is snowy and miserable.  It’s pouring out there and the blue jays and robins outside my bedroom window are chirping like it’s no thing.  A metaphor?  Perhaps, but I’m not an optimistic person!

In the mean time, enjoy this new inspirational jam by Lupe Fiasco:

(Yes, that is a Modest Mouse sample.)

Monday Jams: Drinking Your Troubles Away

The Punch Brothers teach us how to dilute our problems with whiskey.  But beware!  Rye love isn’t good love.

Pour one out for the fallen Nickel Creek, and enjoy this Monday Jam:


Boomerangs in Pop Culture: Your Kryptonite is a Confined Space

Googling boomerangs has never yielded more spectacular results. Check out this actual thing!:

Meet Captain Boomerang!  The ginger son of an American soldier and an Australian woman that was forever doomed to dress like a retro Australian stewardess and hurl bad ass, homemade boomerangs at DC superheroes.  His weakness?  Confined spaces where he didn’t have enough room to throw a boomerang (citation: see this interview recently conducted between Conan O’Brien and a DC animator.  Super action starts around 3:18.)

Monday Jams: This Will Be Our Year

I know it!


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