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The Boomerang Blog Gets a Makeover!

Everyone take a look at our swanky new header!

It comes courtesy of Ma’ayan Rosenzweig, a fabulous young designer (and friend!) whose artwork currently graces the pages of  For more about Ma’ayan, check out her website.

Shameless Self Promotion

Posted by Jessica

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Arts and Crafts: Belated Valentines

Join master craftswoman Stephanie as she gives you crafting tips to keep your days occupied (and full of stuff!)

Forget drugstore greeting cards, construction paper and doilies, and ecards; say it all with PowerPoint.  These are the cards I sent out this year.  I cut-out pictures of my friends and then applied them over the heads of actors in posters for different movies.  The posters chosen reflect either favorite movies, characters we think we embody, or just the need for an ensemble cast.  Apparently, cutting photographs and using them in art was also a favorite pastime of aristocratic ladies in the 19th century.

My Valentine’s Day movie posters are simply an update on an old tradition, but I doubt those Victorians could use the lasso feature as well as I can!

Directions for Making Your Own Movie Poster Cards:

Supplies Needed:

JPEG of the desired movie poster (higher resolution/greater number of pixels is better)

Pictures of your friend(s) with expressions/head facing in the same direction as the actor(s)

Here’s How:

1. Import the movie poster into PowerPoint.  Import the pictures of your friend(s) into Powerpoint, each on a separate slide.

2.  Use lasso feature to encircle the face and then hit “Cutout” under the Image toolbar of the formatting palette.

3.  Cut and paste friend(s) head(s) onto the movie poster.  Use the “Free Rotate” feature to line the head up with the actor’s head.  Use the “Correction” features to adjust the color, brightness and contrast of the picture.  This will help it blend into the poster better.

4.  Add a fun greeting in any font you like.  Be sure it is on a blank space*

5.  Send to friends!

*To make your new greeting card look even better, use the lasso feature to capture parts of the poster so that you can blot out the actors names, the credits, or not very witty tag-lines.  By cutting and pasting parts of the poster over the existing text you are creating blank space and you are now able to add your own words without obstruction.