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Monday Jams: I Can’t Believe It! It’s So Amazing!

For your weekly confidence-boosting tune, here’s and Nicki Minaj singing about how awesome they are for 4.5 minutes.  Their rhymes like “Haters, you can kill yourselves” and “You a Chihuahua, I’m a Rottweiler” (or “Rot-wallah” [sic]) would be perfect additions to your list of daily affirmations.

Monday Jams: Come Get Your Kool On

We’re back!  Roots, take us out!

Monday Jams: The Much Welcome Return of Lupe Fiasco

Breathe it in, lads!  First day of spring is snowy and miserable.  It’s pouring out there and the blue jays and robins outside my bedroom window are chirping like it’s no thing.  A metaphor?  Perhaps, but I’m not an optimistic person!

In the mean time, enjoy this new inspirational jam by Lupe Fiasco:

(Yes, that is a Modest Mouse sample.)

Monday Jams: All You Want Is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

I really fought the urge to put a certain Boomtown Rats song here about not liking Mondays today, and this is the compromise.  Sorry in advance.

Morrissey, as a citizen of the world, you are charged with taking our troubles away!

Sorry, don’t know how that link got in there.  (YesIdo.)

Classically miserable, but it makes you think, doesn’t it?

Monday Jams: Drinking Your Troubles Away

The Punch Brothers teach us how to dilute our problems with whiskey.  But beware!  Rye love isn’t good love.

Pour one out for the fallen Nickel Creek, and enjoy this Monday Jam:


Monday Jams: This Will Be Our Year

I know it!


The Zombies and The Boomerang Blog

Monday Jams: This Will Slip Into the Sea

A cool jam for a chilly night.

Monday Jams: You Are The Light

Swedish Voice of the Generation

Continuing on our Monday Jam “light” theme, and in honor of me getting to see Jens Lekman in the flesh last week in a little green warehouse above the Gowanus Canal, I bring you a song to make you smile!

(Free for download via Jens’ site!)

You are the Light.

Monday Jams: Light it Up!

For today’s Monday Jam, we have a special request!  My friend Liz, an oft co-conspirator in rounding up hometown gossip, suggested this instant Hanukkah classic.  Belated Hag Sameach from some dudes who definitely look like that guy that sat in the back of your math class!

Monday Jams: Real Jobs Are Not How We Roll

Off the top of my head, I can probably name at least 5 music videos that feature people riding bicycles.  In fact, I just googled it to confirm and found this nifty countdown with lots of broken links (Mmmm, When I Get You Alone video…)

… But the only video I can think of in which bikes ride themselves is the one for The Bike Song from Mark Ronson’s latest album.

Dang it! That hipster across the street has my same sunglasses!

Taking the international symbol for childhood freedom, innocence, and and transportation and transforming it into a crime fighting cool dude accessory, Ronson has written us a would-be anthem for the boomerang generation, saying, “Screw off, ‘real’ adults!  I don’t need to grow up just yet!”

Watch the video here: