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Monday Jams: “Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy, Which Means You and Me, My Love”

Posted by Jessica

I sometimes have trouble extracting songs from the movies, tv shows, and commercials they’ve been featured in.

Sometimes it’s bad (i.e. I can’t listen to the song Venus by Shocking Blue anymore without thinking about shaving.)

But other times I think it helps a little.  Take this week’s Monday Jam, Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy by The Kinks, for example.  It’s a happy song already, which is great, but the fact that I can’t hear it without thinking of John Cusack trying to talk Jack Black out of having SDM (Sonic Death Monkey) play at DJ Rob Gordon’s comeback night at the Double Door?  That shit is priceless.

Enjoy The Kinks sans movie bellow:


Introducing: Movie Night!

Posted by Stephanie

To expand on the idea of Boomerangs in Pop Culture, I am beginning the tradition of The Boomerang Blog’s Movie Night.  What better way to start than with the first segment of a truly terrible/fabulous movie called Boomerang?  Eddie Murphy’s comedy clearly hasn’t evolved in the last two decades, but at least he’s consistent.  Just like us.  So pop some popcorn and get ready to see a movie that showcases no actual boomerangs.

More segments from this movie will be posted throughout the week.